Life grows where water flows

We will be providing 300+ families in Cambodia and Thailand with water filtration systems that will last over 30 years.

One filter gives a family one million gallons of clean drinking water. Donate one today!


Sawyer Water Filter

Filter Life: 1 Million Gal Impact: 1 Family Tech: Advanced kidney dialysis filtration
« After experiencing first-hand what it's like to live without clean, running water, Nyjah Huston and his mother Kelle Huston wanted to do something about the world water crisis. So in 2008, they formed a non-profit called Let It Flow, received 501(c)(3) status from the US government and began selling reusable water bottles at their local farmer's market.  » — From ESPN (read more)
Since then Let It Flow has installed and fixed wells for communities all over the world and is about to embark on its 72nd project, this time teaming up with Travel & Influence to distribute Sawyer water filters in Cambodia and Thailand.
LIF Ethiopia
« My mom came up with the idea for Let It Flow from our experience living in Puerto Rico. For a couple of years, we lived on this farm that was 30 minutes from the city. We were pretty far away from everything, and the water would go out every now and again. When the water was out, my brother and I would go down with these big jugs for carrying water. What people don't realize is that water's really heavy. We lived near this little stream that was probably about 300 yards away from the house, and having to carry that little amount is not easy. It's gnarly to think people all over the world have to do that every day, and carry it for miles and miles. It really makes you appreciate how easy we have it on the daily and makes you want to reach out and help make other people's lives easier. » — Nyjah from Paper Magazine interview (read more)
« Meet Nyjah Huston's mom, the amazing Kelle Huston! With her sincere message of kindness and love, she's stepping up and reaching out to world around her, with a strong sense of social responsibility. Along with her son Nyjah Huston, and good friend, Cody Barker, their "boots on the ground" water charity, Let it Flow, is helping to provide clean drinking water to people around thew world.  » — From Humanity Stoked (read more)
« My mom and I started the Let it Flow charity a few years ago, and it's been a really cool process trying to help people repair and build clean water wells around the world. We've done multiple projects already, and each well we repair or build helps provide clean water for a couple thousand people. It's really an amazing feeling.  » — Nyjah from Elite Daily interview (read more)
Tony Hawk
« Huston invited a group of pro-skater friends to Ethiopia to help repair wells and build the country's first-ever skate park. When he and his mom, Kelli Huston, told skateboarding legend Tony Hawk about their plans, Hawk decided to come along. "We were all so excited that he wanted to be a part of what we were doing," Huston says. "He was a huge help and his passion and warmth for people is unlike anything I've seen." » — People Magazine (read more)
California Skateparks
« We arrived in Ethiopia with good company including pro skaters; Tony Hawk, Nyjah Huston, and Matt Berger. Everyone came out to Addis Ababa to help build and maintain clean water wells for the local community on behalf of the Let It Flow Foundation. While the wells are being worked on California Skateparks Joe Ciaglia and Brian Pino will build the first concrete halfpipe in Ethiopia for the kids of Megabi Skate. We are so stoked be to included in this awesome opportunity of being able to give the kids of Ethiopia clean water and a California Skateparks quality concrete mini ramp. » — California Skateparks (read more)
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