(Hurricane Mathew Relief)

January 15th-21st 2017

Hurricane Mathew devastated coastal parts of Haiti bringing once again hurt, pain, and struggle to this already struggling country. Haiti has some of the strongest people in the world and have faced extreme opposition. The hurricane brought 145 MPH winds and torrential rains that destroyed more than 3,200 homes, displaced 15,000 people, ruined plantations and drown animals. They need our help! We currently do not have enough funding to get there now to help so we are planning a trip for Mid January. We will be helping locals lighten their load by providing them with clean drinking water.

Immediate needs are clean water, well repair, food, and clothing. We will be focusing on bringing high quality water filtration systems for point of contact relief as well as repairing wells that were destroyed. If you are wanting to donate clothing items please email info@letitflow.org on how to facilitate this. We will be working in the hardest hit areas of Haiti and will be working with our local partners to ensure our time is well spent and productive.



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