The good news is that the water and sanitation crisis is solvable.
Help us bring clean safe drinking water to those who need it.

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  • We are so stoked! 102% funded for #coffeemeetswater campaign that we are doing with @goodneighbors !! Your incredible support has helped us exceed our goal. Now, we are going to raise an extra 10k to build a brand new water well for the community of sidama. That's more fresh, clean water for those in need. Link to campaign in our bio. Please share!! #letitflow #waterislif
  • Check out our new campaign in connection with @goodneighbors to raise $5,500 for 22 wells they have that are broken in Ethiopia. Some of the best coffee in the world comes from the areas we will be working in. When you drink your morning coffee maybe think of skipping a day and donating the money you would have spent; on getting people clean water! #waterislif #coffeemeetswater @indiegogo (link to campaign in bio)
  • Proud of our man @nyjah_huston on the huge win yesterday. Thankful for all the hype because it brings awareness to us and the water crisis. #waterislif #letitflow
  • This year we will be going to Ethiopia to bring clean water to people but also to help build a skatepark. We will be working with our man @ethioskate to make it happen along with @goodneighbors please continue to support us! #waterandskate #waterislif #ethioskate
  • You da man @nyjah_huston #streetleague2014 1st place again baby! #letitflow #waterislif
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