The good news is that the water and sanitation crisis is solvable.
Help us bring clean safe drinking water to those who need it.

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  • This photo is of a corroded pipe in Haiti. This small hole eventually turned I to a large crack that ended up breaking this pump. Life is sometimes the same way, if we let one little problem fester, over time it will become a huge problem. #checkyoself #befoyouwreckyoself #waterislif
  • Dudes in Haiti are stoked to have clean water again! Best caption for photo will win somethin cool. #tbt #haiti #wwd
  • @nyjah_huston and @_let_it_flow were honored tonight by @common and his foundation #commongood for being an influence and making positive changes in the world! #letitflow #waterislif #chicago
  • Kids start going crazy when the water starts flowing! Water is life, water is happiness, so LET IT FLOW! 💦 #waterislif #chiefwatergiver #letitflow #haiti
  • It's a party it's a party it's a party! 🎶 these little dudes were so stoked to get water today. It was so damn hot, these boys know how to cool off. #waterislif #haiti #chiefwatergiver
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