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The good news is that the water crisis is solvable.
Help us bring clean safe drinking water to those who need it.

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  • WATER IS LIF. What a good group of dudes, thanks for the support and the work you guys put in to make this well work again and bring water back to the people. 500+ people are more than stoked to be able to have clean water to drink and we are stoked to be able to provide it! #Ethiopia #waterislif #letitflow #lifegrowswherewaterflows
  • In the words of @megabiskate
  • As you can tell we are stoked!! Ethiopia is a dream come true, we are repairing wells and building a skatepark. Thanks to everyone who supports us! #Ethiopia #waterislif #lifegrowswherewaterflows #megabi
  • Easy as that! Well had been broken for over a year and with a little guidance from @theamerican @soberjedi water is flowing again! #waterislif #lifegrowswherewaterflows #letitflow #chiefwatergiver #ethiopia #sidama
  • We provide training and tools for local people in communities where water is hard to find, especially when their hand pump is broken. This is a line up of some of the tools that @theamerican and his bro @soberjedi will be using to bring clean water to thousands of people in Ethiopia over the next few weeks! @megabiskate here we come. #waterislif #letitflow
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