The good news is that the water and sanitation crisis is solvable.
Help us bring clean safe drinking water to those who need it.

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  • First person to name @nyjah_huston 5th trick in fade to black wins an autographed LIF/Element deck. 1st person to tell how many stairs were on his last trick wins a LIF Tshirt.... GO! #waterislif
  • Water is everything to us! Let us always be thankful for it. @chrisburkard is one who enjoys water and also takes the sickest photos! Give him a follow. #waterislif #letitflow
  • Click the link in our bio to see how you can skate with @nyjah_huston at his skatepark. πŸ‘ #letitflow #waterislif
  • #waterislif Get out there and enjoy the weekend. Stoked on the master of water photography @clarklittle
  • Fight back with laughter πŸ˜€ #laugh #waterislif #chiefwatergiver #letitflow
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